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The Indian Customs & Central Excise Service was formed during the year 1946. The cadre controlling authority was Ministry of Finance, department of Revenue with a cadre size of 2311 posts. The source of recruitment (in percentage) was in three forms viz., by direct recruitment, by promotion and by lateral entry (if any).

Service hierarchy
Grade Pay scales Designation in field Designation in headquarters Any other designation
Junior time scale 8000-275-13500 Assistant commissioner - -
Senior time scale 10000-325-15200 Deputy commissioner - -
Junior administrative grade 12000-365-16500 Joint commissioner - -
Selection grade 14300-400-18300 Additional commissioner - -
Senior administrative grade 18400-500-22400 Commissioner - -
Higher administrative grade 18400-500-22400 Chief Commissioner or Director General - -
24050-650-26000 - Member, CBEC -
26000 (fixed) - Chairman, CBEC or Chairman CEIB -

Brief write up on the service outlining the main functions etc. including areas where interaction and coordination with other service is essential:

The Organisation of Indian Customs and Central Excise is a part of the department of Revenue of the Ministry of Finance. The Central Board of Excise & Customs (CBEC) is the apex body of Central Excise, Customs and Narcotics Department which is headed by the Chairman, CBEC and the Board comprises of five other members. The officers of this Service are entrusted with the task of collection of the much needed revenues through indirect taxes, notable among them being customs and excise duties and tax on services. There are separate acts governing the levy and collection of excise and customs duty (Central Excise Act 1944, Customs Act 1962). Presently, up to the level of Commissioners the job of two wings has already been segregated and different Commissionerates are operating for the purposes of customs duty and excise duty.